Saturday, February 6, 2010

Games sculpted into ice...

Today I went to Houghton with Dewey and Susan to see the ice sculptures. I took lots of pictures of them and they were all very cool. I can't fit all of the pictures on here, so I just put up a few of my favorites to share. The first one is the one that won first place. Its bowser and the castle from super mario brothers. You can tell how big it is from the guy standing next to it.

The theme this year was games. So all of them were of either video games, board games or games from shows on tv. This one is Chess. There is also a rubix cube next to it.

These are the boxing guys. I used to play this game with my friend. I am really good too, so watch out, because I can put up a good battle.

This is the monopoly car that I'm sitting on.

This is the plant that comes from the pipes on super mario brothers. This is all made out of snow and ice. It was all so cool, I am very glad that Dewey and Susan took me with them. Next year, I hope to go again, with my mom and Andrew.

Before the ice sculptures, we went to an Eagle Scout meeting. It was fun and they had really good food. They had some pretty cool decorated desserts that were delicious too.
It was a really day, even though the car ride was long. I hope you all enjoyed my first blog entry. See ya next time.